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Smart Phone Trail Maps


Many trail maps are now available via smart phones. NKTA does not promote any of these sources and does not vouch for the accuracy of their content.  We have provided links to them as an aid to trail users.


Maprika is found under “GPS on ski map”.  However, the free download covers many hiking & biking trails are covered as well.  It shows you where you are on the map and will allow you to track your route and even make your own maps.   

Maprika logo.JPG

Trail Courtesy

Trail courtecy is everybody's responsibility; following a few unwritten rules can help make your hike and the hike for others more pleasant. 

  • Stay on the trail!  Cutting corners on switchbacks and walking off the trail to getaround mud puddles is bad for trail sustainability.

  • Keep PETS on a LEASH!  Even friendly dogs can be disreptive to native animalsor other trail uses, some of whom may have alergies.

  • Pack it in; Pack it out!  Even biodegradable items are not good for animals.

Trail Courtesy Sign.JPG
  • Move off the trail when you stop so others to pass by unobstructed

  • Leave what you find; bring home only potographs and memories. 

  • Hike quietly. Speak in low voices and turn your cell phone down

  • Hikers going downhill yield to those hiking uphill.

  • Don’t feed the wildlife.  



PGFHP was the site of a serious biking accident in spring 2022.  You can help keep our parks safe by staying on established trails and following common trail courtesy. 


Building rouge trails is not only dangerous, it destroys what we have worked so hard to establish and creates conflicts between the various user groups - hikers, cyclist, equestrian.   

Sound to Olympics Trail

New STO announcement sign.JPG

Linking Seattle and the

Olympic Discovery Trail

across Washington

Horses 1.JPG

Regional Connecting Trail Systems

​King County:

Snohomish County:

Hawk's Pond.JPG
Grand Forest - BI.jpg
Iron Horse Trail Map.JPG
Polouse Trail 3.JPG
Polouse Trail.JPG
Polouse Trail 2.JPG
Ride Park 2.JPG

PGFHP Ride Park 

The Port Gamble Ride Park, in partnership with the North Kitsap Trails Association and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, would cover up to 200 acres adjacent to the recently acquired 534-acre Port Gamble Shoreline Heritage Park and be connected to the planned Sound-to-Olympics regional trail. The Park is intended to provide a variety of mountain bike activities including riding loops and skill obstacles for all ages and activity levels.

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