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The trails need you...and so do we!

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You help build trails for our future

Volunteer Driven

North Kitsap Trails Association is served entirely by volunteers. If you are interested in improving the quantity, diversity and safety of Kitsap's non-motorized transportation and recreation we encourage you to join us by subscribing to our newsletter, volunteering or by contacting us with your ideas. 

Whether you have an afternoon to help build trails, are willing to help lead a task, would like to serve on the Board of Directors or just have a few hours a month to contribute, we can use your help. We need your help to plan, build and maintain trails; to plan and organize trail events; to raise funds to support our trail systems; to write news articles, coordinate volunteers, and to support communications like our web page or Facebook, or grant writing.  

A Robust NKTA Volunteer Will...

Demonstrate the ongoing support of our community and citizens

Provide the manpower necessary to complete our vision

Be invaluable when pursuing grants and outside funding

  NKTA Accomplishments:

  • Developed the North Kitsap "String of Pearls" Trail Plan which was later used as a model by Kitsap County when developing its County wide Non-motorized Facilities Plan.

  • Worked with Kitsap County to acquire property for the North Kitsap Heritage Park.

  • Worked with Kitsap County, Forterra and the Forest & Bay Coalition to acquire 3500 acres for the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.

  • Worked with the Kitsap Community Foundation and partners to obtain a $1.7 milion grant to build a bicycle ride park in PGFHP, develop a PGFHP master plan and develop engineering plans for a section of the STO within the Park.

  • Obtained National Park Service recognition for the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails and encouraged the developement of the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trail Alliance to promote the water trails as a county wide project. 

  • Partnered with Regional and County organizations to advocate trails, active (non-motorized) transportation and Safe Routes to Schools

  • Developed plans for the Sound to Olympics Trail connecting across Kitsap County and the Hood Canal Bridge to the Mountains to Sound Greenway in King County  to the Olympic Discovery Trail.

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