NKTA Board of Directors


The NKTA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers representing a diverse mix of North Kitsap communities and user groups.  The result is a community partnership to promote public access to open space and create a system of multi-use land and water trails that provide people of all ages the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature.


Board member’s terms are for 3 years which can be renewed with agreement by the full board.  The directors meet monthly to plan events, projects or determine actions needed coordinate with public and private partners to promote NKTA's goals.  All people interested in helping, either with individual project or by serving on the board, are invited to contact us by email [go to "contacts" page] or to talk with a board member.  The only criteria for serving on the board is a willingness to work towards the NKTA’s goals as established in the North Kitsap “String of Pearls” Trail Plan.

Amy Sutton


Duke Bourgeois


John Kuntz

Don Willott

Vice President

Patsy Bryan


Linda Berry-Mariast

Evan Stoll

Vice President

Doug Maraist

Recording Secretary

Debbie Weinmann

Carolina Perisho

Honor Roll of Past Board Members

Jon Rose                      John Willett              Dave Haley                  Russ Perisho

Carolina Veenstra      Mark Schorn             Brooke Hammett       Sandee Watson 

Kaitlin Murray            Jeff Ozimek         

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