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WEDNESDAY 9/29 @ 6:30 PM

Your input is important to determing the future design and futures uses of Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.  This is the 3rd public meeting in the Master Planning process and will build on prior meetings.  It will focus on the alternatives that have been developed along with a discussion of ecological restoration and recreation strategies. The event is interactive and attendees will have the opportunity to provide feedback. 

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North STO Feasibility Study

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In the last newsletter we reported that the County had received a grant to fund a feasibility study of the STO route between Kingston and the Stottlemeyer Road connection into Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park.  The Public Works Department has now published an RFP (request for proposals) for a planning and engineering study to select a preferred route for that STO segment along with the paved, shared use path’s estimated cost.  STO progress continues!

*** New Board Members Needed ***


NKTA fulfills several functions in carrying out it’s mission to improve non-motorized transportation in Kitsap County. Our most visible role is to plan and organize trail improvement projects.  However, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Our most important functions entail advocating for regional non-motorized transportation routes like the Sound to Olympics Trail.  Examples include liaising with like-minded organizations like the Heritage Park stewards and monitoring local government agencies to ensure that they include non-motorized transportation in their long-range plans. 

    Only 9 or NKTA’s 14 board positions are currently filled to accomplish these tasks.  If you have an interest in promoting trails in our community, please send us an email at or talk to a board member.   The main requirements are a love of trails and a willingness to help expand them throughout North Kitsap.    

Port Gamble Forest

Heritage Park Logging

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You will see logging in areas of the PGFHP marked in red; please stay off closed trails 

during that operation.

New ADA Trail at NKHP

An ADA assessable trail now improves access for everyone to experience the park.  The new trail is short but affords people with wheelchairs or strollers to view the ponds near the Miller Bay Road parking lot.  The two man-made drainage ponds from an old homestead and have produced sightings of otter and wood duck in past years. Next time you are out to the park, take a quick walk to appreciate the new trail and the ponds.

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ADA Trail Pic #1.JPG

Hwy 305 Johnson Road Roundabout Tunnel

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The City of Poulsbo has started construction of a roundabout for the intersection of Johnson Parkway and SR 305.  While intended as a traffic improvement project, it will also provide a piece of the Sound to Olympics Trail by creating a tunnel under SR 305 for pedestrians and cyclist to cross that busy highway.  

Public Facilities District Grant 

Last fall the Kitap Public Facilities District awarded $1,697,556 to Kitsap County for Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park Projects: development of a comprehensive Park master plan, construction a mountain bike ride park, design and permitting of the Sound to Olympics Trail and installing parking, bathrooms and other amenities.  Work is progressing despite the Covid-19 quarantines.

Leafline Partnership


Kitsap County partnered with the Leafline Trails Coalition, in partnership with King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, and other trail advocates, to connect nearly 450 miles of trails throughout the central Puget Sound region, including the Sound to Olympic Trail.  Kitsap County Commissioner Rob Gelder said that. “Being a part of the Leafline Trails Coalition is a fantastic opportunity to partner with neighboring counties to expand awareness of non-motorized commuter routes, improve public health and increase accessibility to our natural resources.”

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   An STO Construction Grant

Earlier steps in developing the Sound to Olympics trail are start to show results.  In 2018 the County completed a feasibility study for the STO route through the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park and last fall the Public Facilities District grant provided some funding for STO design work.  With that foundation in place Kitsap County recently 

obtained a nearly $2 million in federal grant towards construction of a northern portion of that trail within the Park.  Design and permitting is expected to get underway in 2022.

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REI Grant for Trails

REI has provided us with a $7,500 grant for trail improvements.  Projects will include completing the trail overlooking Gamble Bay and adding safety railing, benches and a sign commemorating the area's history.  Also included is work on upland trails in the Port Gamble Heritage Park and signage along the intended Sound to Olympic Trail route.

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