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Building Trails For The Future

Our mission is to unite North Kitsap County with a regional system of land and water trails connecting communities, parks & open space, that promotes stewardship of natural resources and enhances our communities’ livability.

Urgent action needed to ensure non-motorized trail across Kitsap

NSTO Needs Your Help

Just imagine a safe non-motorized trail as a linear park across Kitsap County planted with native vegetation that attracts wildlife connecting our communities to our parks, schools & open spaces which also serves as a wildlife corridor.


We urgently need your participation in advocating for such a vision… the incredible North Sound to Olympics Trail. Kitsap County has just completed their preferred routing feasibility study, a carefully designed shared use path from the Kingston Ferry Terminal to the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. NKTA supports this trail and the county’s effort to study the most feasible route with community input and in-depth analysis. The route can be viewed HERE.

Over the past decade pedestrian & bicycle fatalities have increased dramatically. Please send individual letters to our Kitsap County Commissioners & staff (listed below). This is critical to assure that this plan gets approved so it will be eligible to compete for funding. Even if this plan is approved by the County Commissioners, there is no guarantee it will be prioritized for funding, or that grant funds will be applied for. Many projects in both the annual Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the County’s Non-motorized Plan are never funded or built.


Your input will make the difference.

Send your comments directly to the following elected officials and staff:

1. Katie Walters.

2. Christine Rolfes,

3. Charlotte Garrido,

4. David Forte,


---------SAMPLE LETTER BELOW---------------


Commissioners Garrido, Walters, and Rolfes,


As a resident of Kitsap County, I want to show my support for the “preferred alternative” of the North Sound to Olympics paved trail from the Kingston Ferry Terminal to Port Gamble Heritage Park. Just imagine a safe non-motorized trail as a linear park across Kitsap County that connects our communities to our parks, schools & open spaces that is also planted with native vegetation that attracts wildlife. What an incredible investment for our community!


As you know, Kitsap County is not currently a safe place to walk, bike or roll for most of us and over the past decade pedestrian & bicycle fatalities have increased dramatically across Washington state. This paved, shared use path will enable all people of all ages and abilities a much safer location to enjoy the great outdoors, whether we are 3 or 83. Thank you for leading the way for a safer and healthier community.


A visionary plan is a great start and I encourage you to prioritize funding of this wonderful community asset in the County’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process. The county’s non-motorized plans have been terrific dreams. Let’s make this particular dream come true.


“Your Name, Your Community”, Washington


Seattle's pedestrian walkways to be reused on the Puget Sound to Pacific (PS2P) Trail

New Home For Pedestrian Bridges

An elevated walkway being removed from the Colman Dock ferry terminal will be re-use on the Puget Sound to Pacific trail corridor – a collaboration of the Sound to Olympics Trail and the Olympic Discovery Trail in Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam counties. This non-motorized route from the Bainbridge Island WSF ferry terminal to La Push is the westernmost leg of the Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Great American Rail Trail, from Washington DC to the Washington Coast.

Imagine a trail that reaches from the Puget Sound to the Pacific Coast

Puget Sound to Pacific

Imagine a trail that reaches from Puget Sound to the Pacific Coast, linking the small towns, rural communities and views of our spectacular mountains and waterways with a safe multi-use trail. One hundred miles are complete after 35 years of hard work by advocates and local agencies that know the value of giving people a place to get outside.  That leaves only one hundred miles to build to fill the gaps and complete the connections for all our communities.

RAISE Grant Recipients Announced

$16.13 Million Grant Awarded for PS2P

U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer (WA-06) announced that the City of Port Angeles has been awarded a $16.13 million RAISE Discretionary Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. This grant will be used to plan and design approximately 34 active transportation components, addressing approximately 100 miles of gaps, community connections, and safety improvements for multi-use trails connecting Bainbridge Island, Kingston and Port Townsend ferry terminals on Puget Sound to the Pacific Coast.

Board is looking for awesome new members with soil in their blood

NKTA Seeking New Board Members

NKTA fulfills several functions in carrying out it’s mission  to improve non-motorized, multi-modal transportation in a more sustainable Kitsap County. Our most visible role is to plan and organize trail improvement projects in existing parks and open space. 


However, that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Our most important functions entail advocating for regional non-motorized transportation routes like the Sound to Olympics Trail and the Great American Rail Trail. 

NKTA partners with like-minded non-profit organizations like the Bainbridge Island Parks & Trails Foundation, the Peninsula Trails Coalition, Leafline Trails Coalition and the Heritage Park steward groups. We also monitoring local government agencies to ensure that they include non-motorized transportation in their long-range plans. 


NKTA’s "working" board members are local like-minded community trail advocates. If you have an interest in promoting trails in our community, please send us an email at or talk to a board member. The main requirements are a love of trails and a willingness to help expand and maintain them throughout North Kitsap.    

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