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The Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails, a celebrated segment of the Cascadia Marine Trail, opens over 350 miles of saltwater shoreline on western Puget Sound and Hood Canal to modern day exploration.  Kitsap is a destination because of its unique marine environments, natural scenic beauty of mountains and sound, migrating marine mammal populations, and friendly and inviting ports and towns stepped in tradition.

Kitsap Peninsula National WaterTrails (KPNWT) offer residents and visitors year-round access to enjoy water-related activities; from kayaking around bays and coves to sailing around the entire Kitsap Peninsula. On May 2014, the KPNWT was designated by the US Department of Interior part of the National Water Trails System, the first in WA State and the only natural, saltwater trail in the USA. Today, the 371 miles of shoreline that encompass the  KPNWT is a major attraction for a variety of water-related activities – kayaking, SUP, boating, scuba diving, fishing, wildlife viewing and leisure strolls along pubic piers and beaches.


Rather than being a "single" trail the KPNWT is divided into 12 segments, allowing the complete trail to be paddled over a period of time.  


Click on the Water Trail logos to visit the website.

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