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Sound to Olympics "String of Pearls" Trail

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The Sound to Olympics Trail (STO for short) is a regional trail crossing Kitsap County.  After being deveoped by NKTA with broad community input in the North Kitsap "String of Pearls" Trail Plan the STO was adopted by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners as part of its 2013 Non-motorized Facilities Plan.  The STO, like Seattle's Burke-Gilman Trail, is intended to provide for both transportation and recreation.  It will offer a non-motorized route between communities while providing room for people who prefer a more leisurely pace - walkers, recreational cyclists, people using strollers or wheelchairs and families on a casual outing.  It will connect to the "Mountains to Sound Greenway" via both the Bainbridge Island and Kingston ferries and with the "Olympic Discovery Trail" beyond the Hood Canal Bridge to provide a connection across the State.


Much of NKTA's early development effort to acquire right-of-ways has been accomplished and in 2018 the "First Mile" was built on Bainbridge Island from the WSF terminal in Winslow.  The city of Poulsbo has also built a section on Lincoln Road.  Two trail feasibility studies have been completed to define routing through Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park (PGFHP) and across "Divide" property between Miller Bay Road and Old Port Gamble Road.  Funding for engineering design for a section within PGFHP has been recieved.  Bit by bit the parts are coming together.

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